Joshua Delaney
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Born in Colorado on June 23, 1982.
First and Only Daughter
Tahjarae Ayana Delaney was born
May 17
Picture for Daddy

Picture of Tahjarae by Tahjarae

Numerology for Joshua

Numerology for Joshua

Joshua, your Expression of 8 ...
Your Potential Natural Talents and Abilities 

The optimum result of your life expression is the accumulation of wealth. Just because you are materialistic does not mean you are not spiritual, however. Many number eights believe that the wealth that they create in their lives is an expression of their soul's ability to circulate good energy in their life.

You are all about the exchange of energy and it is individuals like you that keep life in motion on earth. You have the ability to build relationships and social structures as well as connect significant individuals with each other. You are also a mover and a shaker that knows how to create opportunity in the midst of chaos. Nothing stops your will to get what you want and very few of you experience real failure. This is because your deep capacity for analysis and natural foresight often prevent you from making mistakes in the first place.

You may be materialistic but you are not greedy. You are more than willing to share your wealth with those you love and often your motivation for getting rich is to give them the best future possible.

You are also a fantastic boss and leader. Your natural knack for inspiring and motivating others will probably change many lives for the better during your time here on earth. In fact, seeing others thriving as the result of your actions is one of your greatest personal rewards.

You normally express yourself in a very polite, civil and courteous manner. If you feel an intense emotion like jealousy you don't tend to show it. You tend to hold your cards close to your chest to keep others in suspense as to what your next move might be. Your unpredictability often gives you the upper hand in business but it often frustrates loved ones who sometimes feel you do not communicate with them enough.

In general though you make an excellent spouse and parent. You are responsible, affectionate and wise. Your honesty and trustworthiness often makes you a pillar in your community. One often finds the typical number eight participating on boards and in organizations that serve or shape the future of a community. Your advice is always appreciated and you excel at giving constructive criticism. For this reason you make an excellent teacher, builder, retailer or politician.

Romantically you believe that your lover deserves only the best. Part of the expression of your devotion often includes lavishing your loved ones with gifts and luxuries. You love grand sweeping gestures such as sweeping your spouse away for a romantic weekend or surprising them with a large present.

You have good, but expensive tastes in cars, furnishings and clothing. You are very well groomed and would not think of leaving the house for two seconds wearing a housecoat. You also often judge others by whether or not they are impeccably groomed as well. You can be quite stern with children and teenagers who are messy or don't keep their lives in order. This is one matter that can trigger the stern disciplinarian in you.

As you are very ambitious and goal oriented, sometimes it is hard to fit loved ones and family into your busy schedule. Number eights also excel at sports and can be found relaxing on golf courses or horseback riding on weekends. One of the challenges of your lucky number is to make sure that family and friends are also included in your exciting plans.

Joshua, your Soul Urge of 1 ...

What You Desire To Be, To Have, and To Do In Your Life

Your soul urge is to be the best at everything that you do. You play to win and when you don't win you suffer a serious crisis of faith. As you believe you are directly connected to a higher power you just can't bear it when you let yourself and others down. It makes you think that there is no God.

One of your greatest challenges is to put your life in perspective. Most ones are born into lives that encourage their personal development and in particular the expression of their free will. However it is often this sense of entitlement, that the world must always be your oyster that leads to your downfall.

You may see your pride as being evidence of your high self-esteem and confidence. However sometimes your ambition and drive is so extreme that it disgusts and angers others who may perceive you as selfish and controlling. In ancient cultures flaunting your talents and wealth was thought to attract "the evil eye." In your case the evil eye is often others desire to see your pride crushed or watch you take a big fall off your pedestal.

You on the other hand don't understand why others can't see that you are special. Many number ones suffer from a bad case of terminal uniqueness. You love things that are one of a kind and will resort to extreme or even outrageous behavior to prove that you are irreplaceable.

In your universe you are the sun and everything and everybody else rotates around you. Many number ones sabotage their careers in the early stages, as they cannot get past the idea that someone else might know more or be better than them. Ones that feel dominated may resort to overtly rebelling against authority and cause chaos.

Your eagerness to be recognized for your talents sometimes turns you into a braggart. This often incurs the wrath of others, as it seems that you really are concerned with taking care of number one and nobody else. One of your soul lessons might be to recognize that "to rule is truly to serve."

If your talents are not appreciated or recognized by others you may steal the spotlight by creating unnecessary dramas in your life. This is because in your mind even negative attention than no attention at all.

If you feel you are a failure you also risk the temptation of escaping into addiction or fantasy. You may get involved in troubling situations with emotionally disturbed people so that you can feel like the hero by rescuing them.

The conflict that you face is the age-old battle between your will and what fate has to offer. When bad things happen to number ones they tend to give up entirely. This is part of a damaging all or nothing mentality. This type of attitude often puts you in situations that are humiliating as you often persist out of pure stubbornness even though all signs point to eventual failure.

To be successful you need to temper your soul urges with patience and tact. You need to learn to see other people's point of view and let others win an argument once in a while. You are in such a hurry to succeed that you often make hasty decisions that you regret later. Acting on impulse is definitely a hazard for you on your life path. Rather than listen to your ego, listen to you higher self as well.

Passed away on June 15, 2005 at the age of 22.
Joshua's First Angel Anniversary and Bday June 23, 2006
Matthew Reading Poem at Gravesite
Joshua Bday 2006
Robin reading Poem
Rocky Mountains in background
Bday Cont1


Bday Cont2

Joshua's Grandma and others

Bday Cont3
More Guests
Bday Cont4
More Guests, family and friends
Bday Cont 5
Family and Friends
Bday Cont6
Joshua's Fiance' and family
Joshua Bday Cont7
Lone Guest Chenelle
Joshua Bday Cont8
Tahjarae (Joshua's Daughter) Getting ready to release the balloons
Joshua Bday Cont9
Released Balloons
Joshua Bday Cont10
Look above the tree- They are heading straight for the sunset over the Rocky Mountains
Carlos Ford-Vigil
Scumbag accused of murdering Joshua
June 23, 2007 25th Birthay
Tahjarae and other kids holding on to balloons
June 23, 2007 25th Birthday
Waiting for poems to be read
Gabrielle Poems
Borrowed Hope
by Eloise Cole

Lend me your hope for awhile,
I seem to have mislaid mine

Lost and hopeless feelings
    Accompany me daily
Pain and confusion are my companions
    I know not where to turn
Images of revewed hope
I see mirthless times, pain-filled days
      And more tragedy

Leave me your hope for awhile
I seemed to have mislaid mine

Hold my hand and hug me, 
Listen to all my ramblings. 
I need to unleash the pain
    And let it tumble out.
Recovery seems so far distant
The Road to healing
 a long and lonely one.

Stand by me. Offer me your presence.
    Your ears and your love.
    Acknowledge my pain,
it is so real and ever present.
I am overwhelmed with sad
And conflicting thoughts

Lend me your hope for awhile
A time will come when I will heal
And I will lend my renewed hope
            To others


Life is Like a Butterfly
by Geraldine F Reeves

Life is like a butterfly.
     Softly, softly...
One never knows why...
It touches your cheek,
then says, 'goodbye.'

Fragile and sweet
like blooming flowers
Life's loves and trials
last only the hours
That they touch your heart.
then they say 'goodbye'
Life is like a butterfly
June 23, 2007 25th Birthday
Mimi (Joshua's Grandma) and Rahim
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