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America Eats Its Young - Eulogy read at gravesite 6/25/05  / Johnny Taylor (Uncle)  Read >>
America Eats Its Young - Eulogy read at gravesite 6/25/05  / Johnny Taylor (Uncle)
I volunteered to write this, the most difficult thing  I have ever had to write, because I loved my nephew Josh and felt that no outsider could do him justice on this day.
Today we are gathered here friends and family to say a final goodbye to another young brother, who like so many before him lived and died in America. The only place that despite its vast riches and opportunities, has for some reason or another decided that in order to prosper it must 'eat its young'.
While it is written that no man will know what land he is to die in, us Black folk have known since we first came here as slaves, in the bowels of rat infested ships, that in this the land of wide open spaces and purple mountains majesties, that America is a land that 'eats its young'.
So here we are today like so many countless before us, another mass of Black folk mourning the loss of another. Cause America 'eats its young'
Like the late great Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X, Josh was the brightest in his class, near genius I would say. Yet like Malcolm he was gunned down, murdered in the street and died alone, by one of his own. Cause America 'eats its young'.
Let's not continue to dwell upon this profound loss that all of us have suffered. Let those of us in this room reach out and protect with all our collective might our youth. Let us share our wisdom with any who will listen. Let us celebrate the joy Josh brought to us and help raise his wonderful bright daughter Tahjarae.  Let this tragedy serve as a lesson to those in this room under 25. You are not invincible. You are not bullet proof and if you stay in the streets you will die just like Josh did.

Cause we live in America, the land that 'eats its young'.

Poem written for Josh while in the School of Hard Knocks  / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
Poem written for Josh while in the School of Hard Knocks  / Kay Crawford (Mother)
The pain never dulls
the ache it’s real
Noone can ever know
just how I feel

Ebb and flow
Life’s ups and down
A mothers love
It never ceases to abound

The roads we take
Lead here and there
The choices we make
Are hard to bear

For choices they are
Too many to name
Some lead to freedom
Some lead to pain

A part of life we must endure
The pain it gives you
We grow from .....
That’s sure

Adults we become
We learn from our mistakes
A rage from within
My heart it aches

This world is so cruel
You’ve been told before
I really do wish
That I could do more

My hands are tied
Bound and gagged so to speak
I know right now
The future looks bleak

Hindsight is 20/20
At least that’s what they say
Look back on your past
But live for today

After Thanksgiving  / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
After Thanksgiving  / Kay Crawford (Mother)

Hi Baby Boy,

Well we made it through Thanksgiving. You are truly something else. Grandma's rolls would not rise. Now we all know she has made them for years and this was a 'first' in more ways than one. When she went to go and check them they had not risen one inch, and she said you came across her mind. Remember the last time we all sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner and grandma brought a hot basket of rolls out to the table, you wrapped your arms around them and noone else could get any. If memory serves me right you ate just about every one in the basket and made everybody else wait until the second batch came out of the oven. I take it you were telling us that if you couldn't have any neither could we.  I told your grandma that was her answer to her prayers that you were alright, sense of humor still intact. All the babies are growing and thriving. Tahjarae was there too with all of us so I know you were looking through her eyes. I didn't stay long, but enjoyed seeing all the baby cousins having a good time together. Daevion just loves Tahjarae, he followed her around and just kept touching her skin and hair.  They made it into a game of hide and go seek, Just like when you and David were little boys.  We all missed you dearly................gone , but not forgotten!

I love you son


Thanksgiving / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
Thanksgiving / Kay Crawford (Mother)

My sweet Joshy,

It is the night before Thanksgiving. and this is a first without you, like your birthday, and Christmas to come. How am I supposed to do this without you. I know you are watching, because you called me and told me "Just know Momma, I am ALWAYS watching you" I will never forget those words you spoke to me just weeks before you were killed. Your brother and sister got into a fight tonite, I think the pressure is getting to us all. They both are losing it since we 'lost' you. I don't know how anyone gets through this pain, but I know I have to go on as you wouldn't have it any other way. But know that it is so so so HARD! I will  have your 'baby girl' tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend. I know you talk to her and keep her strong for all of us. She is wise and strong way beyond her 4 years of age. Just like you were. I sure miss you son, watch over all of us and get your brother and sister straight for me will you?


Sharing / Carla Elam-Floyd (Friend/Aunty)  Read >>
Sharing / Carla Elam-Floyd (Friend/Aunty)
 Kay, you and I have been friends since elementary school.  Many people marvel when I tell them that!  When my son and your Matthew became friends, it felt so right.  Over the years we've shared so many joys, tears, fears and foolishness.  That's what friends are about - a shared history.  Part of that history was the birth of Joshua.  I remember so clearly when you were carrying him and when he was finally born, I marveled at what a beautiful chocolate drop of a baby he was.  I watched him grow and loved it when he called me "Auntie Carla".  The last time I saw him was in 2004 when I went by the place he was working.  It had been so long since I saw him, I didn't recognize him but he gave me the biggest hug and that bright, bright smile!  My heart stopped when I heard what had happened.  All I could think of was my darling friend, Kay, and how much you have put into your children and grandchild and the devastation you must have been feeling.  In the end, I know that God is good God.  I don't know where Joshua was with the Lord, but I know your heart and that you brought your children up to love the Lord,  You can take some comfort  in knowing that the end is not the end - it's the beginning of a life for Josh that's more glorious than anything we could ever imagine.  And that you will see him again!  I thank God for that promise and I believe it 100%.  When I look at the pictures you gave me of Josh's daughter, I see him in her beautiful chocolate skin and bright eyes. Know that you, Matt and Gabrielle are constantly on my heart and in my prayers.  May God grant you peace and draw you all closer to Him through this unimaginable tragedy.  Love - Carla
Ode from Aunty  / Lillian El-Hail (Aunt)  Read >>
Ode from Aunty  / Lillian El-Hail (Aunt)

He was really a cute kid and I think most often of him when He and my youngest son David would sing on the microphone and break dance in the living room. These memories I will always cherish. To our Creator is the return of us all.

A child loaned  / Grandma Nelcene (Grandmother)  Read >>
A child loaned  / Grandma Nelcene (Grandmother)

"I’ll lend you for a little time a child of mine ."He said. "For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he’s dead. It may be six or seven years, or twenty-two or three, But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?

He will bring his charms to gladden you and should his stay be brief. You’ll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief. I cannot promise he will stay since all from earth return, but there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn. I’ve looked this wide world over in my search for teachers true.

And from the throngs that cloud life’s lanes I have selected you; Now will you give him all your love, Nor think the labor vain, Nor hate me when I come to call and take him back again"?

I fancied that I heard them say "Dear Lord, Thy will be done. For all the joy thy child shall bring for the risk of grief will run. We’ll love him while we may and for the happiness we’ve known forever grateful stay. But should the angels call for him much sooner than we’d planned. We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand.


Circle of Love  / Jennifer (Friend)  Read >>
Circle of Love  / Jennifer (Friend)
Hello Kalycec53, What a handsome son you have and a beautiful grandaughter. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for posting at our circle of love. My name is Jennifer and I post at the prayer circle for Shane Whalen. I read your posting and wanted to let you know we do all care and yes we all know how you are feeling and ALL our prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss and that we had to meet this way. I pray God will bring you peace and mend your broken heart. There is no other pain to compare to the pain of loseing a child. It is a pain of it's own and unless you have been there and know the pain than you could never understand! Loseing a child changes us all for we are never the person we were before that loss.

Kalycec53, I pray that God will be with you and guid you through this. I pray he puts his loveing hands down apon you and comforts your soul.I pray for his sweat little girl and your other children that he will heal their hearts and that he will carry all of you through this so that you have some peace.
Please feel free to visit with all of usd a much as you want. You will find much love and guidence there. Sandy and Miss V are so wounderful and always have such loveing and comforting words to help pull us through our vally days. I will continue to pray for you and hope to see you post again.
With loveing prayers,
Angel Babies  / Selva (Friend)  Read >>
Angel Babies  / Selva (Friend)
Hi Joshua. I know that you are happy now, and together with all our Angel kids, I also know that you are watching over your Mom and family and specially over your little girl. Please help them understand that you just moved to another place, but you are still there for them, and also that you are going to be together again when God decides, and this time FOREVER. God Bless you.
Mom of Solange Close
What a wonderful name-Joshua  / Jennifer (Friend)  Read >>
What a wonderful name-Joshua  / Jennifer (Friend)
Hello Joshua,
What a wounderful name to have. It means a strong warrior for Christ. Thats what I named my first son and for that reason. I meet your mom on line and I wanted to let you know she misses and loves you dearly. I have a poem here I would like to share with you. It will tell you how your fels for you. I didn't write it, but I think it is beautiful.

What is a son?

A son is a warm spot in your heart and
a smile on your lips.

In the beginning, he is charmingly innocent,
putting his complete trust in you.

He comes to you for a hand to hold and for
the security only your arms can provide.

He shares his tales of adventure and knows
how proud you are of his discoveries and

All of his problems can be solved by a hug
and a kiss from you, and the bond you
share is so strong it is almost tangible.

Time passes, and your innocent little boy
starts to test his limits. He lets go of your
hand to race into the midst of life without
thinking ahead or looking both ways.

His problems have grown along with him
and he has learned that you can't always
make life better or kiss his troubles away.

He spends much of his time away from you
and though you long for the closeness you once
shared, he chooses independence and privacy.

Discoveries and accomplishments aren't as
easy to come by now, and sometimes he
wounders about his worth.

But you know the worth of that young man.
He is your past and your future. He is hopes
and dreams that have made it through each
and every disappointment and failure.

In your heart, your son is precious and
treasured. Together, you struggled through the
years trying to find the right amount of
independence for each new stage of his life,
until finally, you had to learn to let him go.

In your heart, your son is precious and
treasured. Together, you struggled through the
years trying to find the right amount of
independence for each new stage of his life,
until finally, you had to learn to let him go.

Now you put your teust in him, leaving that
son whom you hold so dear totally in his own
care. You hope he always remembers that you
have a hand for him to hold and arms to
provide comfort or support.

Most of all, you hope that he believes in himself
as much as you believe in him, and that he
knows how much you love him.
-Barbara Cage

Dear Kaylycec, I loved your poem you wrote for Joshua. It was very touching. I have read your post at the circle and I will post letting you know I have posted here. May God be with you and help you in your time of grief.
All my love and Butterfly Hugs,
Amiees Mom,
Jennifer Close
What a handsome boy  / Sandy (Friend)  Read >>
What a handsome boy  / Sandy (Friend)
Hello Joshua, what a handsome boy you are with such a beautiful smile, it light's your face up!
I know you're resting in our dear Saviour's loving arms, but your dear Mom and sister, brother miss you so, so much! Love never dies, it's Eternal, so the bond's of love you shared with your family are still there and the same with them. I know you'll do all that you can to help them and especially your precious little daughter. One day you'll all be reunited again, oh the Joy of that, but you know right now how much your family is hurting over your tragic passing, I know you'll be their Angel for them.
Shine on dear Joshua, shine on,

Mom of Shane

Dear kaylycec, what a sad but oh so touching poem you've written! Bring's tears to the eyes but it say's so much.
It does sound prophetic, you must have been 'in the valley' when you wrote it.
Little did you know.... I read your Post at the Circle and I'll reply to it, may God keep you all in His arms as you grieve for your beautiful boy,
Love, prayers & Angel Hugs,
Sandy Close
From Lil Strap  / Gabrielle Delaney (Sister)  Read >>
From Lil Strap  / Gabrielle Delaney (Sister)
I love you more than life itself, when I was down you brought me up. My whole day was brightened when I saw your smile and now this hole is in my heart and every time the wind blows it hurts like hell. I love and I miss you. Your protege'.
Tribute to Josh  / Ramona Favors (1st Cousin )  Read >>
Tribute to Josh  / Ramona Favors (1st Cousin )

I can remember as if it were yesterday from the time I babysat you to the last time I took you and David to the mall. Both of you drove me nuts! Josh, you were very eager to see what was in the mall. You were running around, exploring, smiling, and filled with so much life.

Everytime I walk down the stairs I see your picture with your smile. I smile back to myself saying "thats Josh" and your way of saying, "I am still here"! Joshua words will never express the grief  and pain I have felt since you have been gone. My only regret is that my daugher, Amaya did not get a chance to see your great big smile and know you for who you really were. My heart is silent, My thoughts are silent, My grief is great, but my prayers are with you to the end. Love you always......your cousin Ramona.

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." (Martin Luther King. Jr (1929-1968)


Hey Bra  / Gabrielle Delaney (Sister)  Read >>
Hey Bra  / Gabrielle Delaney (Sister)
Hey Bra, I miss you so much and this hurt I feel gets worse every day. I think and plot about retaliation but I don't know what it is that is holding me back. I love you and you are missed each and every day you are not here with us. Close
To my Big Bro  / Matthew Delaney (Brother)  Read >>
To my Big Bro  / Matthew Delaney (Brother)
to my brother so dearly you will be missed i feel our time together was all to brief  remember the times we shared and laughed i hope to see you soon i will  not cry for you no longer you were a soldier among civilians they stole you away from me but only your body your spirit lives long and will thrive in me forever and all i can say is that i know loved me even though you didn't say it much your daughter your twin is well taken care of and grows so much like you daily you left us with such a blessing  i love you and remember you will always be with me Close
Those who need to know..............Vi--ctory will prevail!  / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
Those who need to know..............Vi--ctory will prevail!  / Kay Crawford (Mother)

Mothers Love  / Mom   Read >>
Mothers Love  / Mom
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