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Happy Thanksgiving..luv Lisa & family...♥♥  / AV/Laura Family Of Lisa Maas ♥.   Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving..luv Lisa & family...♥♥  / AV/Laura Family Of Lisa Maas ♥.

Happy Halloween  / Big Jim's Mom   Read >>
Happy Halloween  / Big Jim's Mom
remembering our angels  / Jim's Mom   Read >>
remembering our angels  / Jim's Mom
Our Angels  / Jim's Mom   Read >>
Our Angels  / Jim's Mom
Thinking of our angels  / Jim's Mom   Read >>
Thinking of our angels  / Jim's Mom
July 4th  / Jim's Mom Shirley   Read >>
July 4th  / Jim's Mom Shirley
not sure  / Felicia Taylor (Cousin)  Read >>
not sure  / Felicia Taylor (Cousin)

Hey cuz I was thinking of you today as I always do and thought that I would come by and share whats been goin on. Well I graduate in September finally I know, seems like I've been in school forever lol. But being out won't last long cause I'm goin back to get my bachelor's in January and then goin to decide on whether I wanna go to law school or try and get my master's and so on. I've got a good boyfriend now you would like him alot he is one of the good ones I guess you could say, no more bad ones hopefully. We've been together for a 1 1/2 now and have been talkin bout marriage. I know you think I'm too young but you know that I've always to get married and start a family, so this is my chance. I wish you were here and time keeps slipping away it seems like only yesterday I saw you at the 7-11 and we talked a bit. I feel so far away from everyone  now not just in distance but emotionally, we were always a close family and it seems like we aren't nemore. Well I will be back in September after graduation and I'm bringing my boyfriend Mike I'm so excited for him to meet my family only you are missing, hopefully you are looking down and can see the type of person he is. Well I have to go I miss you.

Love you always


?????? / Matt Delaney (bro)  Read >>
?????? / Matt Delaney (bro)
what do i say i guess it would b that i'm still here bro 4 what reason i dont kno i miss u and that smile u gave. its started me and gabby got into a big fight the otha  nite gabby was drunk and has been having issues lately with everybody she is so diffrent now. i'm workin now finally lol got a son on the way yea i kno ne way sorry i havent been on here in a while it hurts 2 c someone u dnt have anymore but i'm still tryin 2 b the better man its hard josh the whole family is like in a dark cave wit no light or help and we are all fighting our own battles i've officially gave up drankin trying 2 do better help mom and gabby needs 2 do the same i ant mean 2 come here with more problems but it helps me cope with this life it one can call it such i'm still tryin 2 finish my ged and get in college u kno sumptin 2 keep me out these streets but its hard when u workin a job that don't pay shit constantly tempted by all these wrongs i'm tryin hard 2 b what u were but i cant b the man or half the man u were and never could i realize that now and jus have 2 do it my way but the fam is going thru so much its all going 2 collide soon and i'm affraid i cant stop it anymore jus the things that are said and happening around us and 2 us its a ticking time bomb and i dont kno when its going 2 happen i'm saddend that we are falling apart mom is about at her ends with me and gabby and ur daughter is a handfull byherself jus came thru 2 share whats been going on miss u and hope u can come into there dreams and give them a sign like u gave me i love u and will talk 2 u next chance i get hopefully wit better news Close
Missing you  / Gabrielle DeLaney (Sister)  Read >>
Missing you  / Gabrielle DeLaney (Sister)

Hey Josh,

Missing you like usual. I swear I feel so lost and and alone without you. Im sure you never knew that feeling of being a younger sibling and anytime you had a problem or issue you take it to big bro and it was taken care of. I have lost that. I think my heart has been filled with hatred, and I don't like it, yet I cant help it. The little love that I do have left is for your daughter and our family. I miss you so much I find myself praying sometimes for God to bring me home so I can be with you again. I feel like I am losing my compassion for life itself and those who are in it. I am trying to get back to me but I do not believe I will ever be the same again. Yes we have worked through those tough years and we still are going strong. But there is NO GETTING OVER IT. I swear if I saw the one who they say shot you I think I would be a killer too. I love you so much and I miss you, hope to see you one day soon.

Love Always and Forever,

Your Baby Sis,


Sorrow and Pain  / Momma (MOMS)  Read >>
Sorrow and Pain  / Momma (MOMS)

I just can't wait for the day Iwill wake up and be held in my oldest sons arm. He will twirl me around like he used to till I was dizzy and then say 'Now what were you saying momms'.I used to tell him as soon as I know which one of you did this to me I'm gonna get that one. 2009 and i am fast approaching the fourth yeaar he is gone from me. I approach insanity and denial that this has happened to my wonderful loving family. We loved each other so much. How could there be so much haatred going around to want to take someones life because they did not love you in the same way Each day I am sinking deeper because I am not getting the answers I want.........Who killed my son, Why did they take his life so brutally. How can  you live with devastation you have cause my family. I walk around talkin tomyself and cry at the oddest times. I see someone that my briefly resemble you and i run to you,knowing you are gone from me, and it is no you anyway. The flood waters get deeper daily and I only let a trickle out at one tim. Soon the dam will be overwhelmed and I will be helpless once more.

I love u so much Josh, keep comin and showin me signs


My broken heart cries for you  / Nancy Thomason (grieving mother )  Read >>
My broken heart cries for you  / Nancy Thomason (grieving mother )

Dear Kay, as I read the words describing your son, and looked at the pictures tears were streaming down my face. I don't understand why such a good man, with so much love around him had to be taken like this, like so many others have been taken too. I will keep you and your family in my heart and in my prayers. Love Nancy, Matthew's mom

From our Angels  / Jim's Mom Shirley   Read >>
From our Angels  / Jim's Mom Shirley
Happy Holidays to your Family  / AV,Laura &. Our Girls Maas Family (Angel Friends )  Read >>
Happy Holidays to your Family  / AV,Laura &. Our Girls Maas Family (Angel Friends )

Christmas in Heaven  / Jimmy's Mom Shirley   Read >>
Christmas in Heaven  / Jimmy's Mom Shirley
Sending a Snowman to my Angel Friend Joshua...  / Lisa Maas (Angel Friend )  Read >>
Sending a Snowman to my Angel Friend Joshua...  / Lisa Maas (Angel Friend )

Regarding Josh's website  / Barb/Nicky's MOM (moms Friend )  Read >>
Regarding Josh's website  / Barb/Nicky's MOM (moms Friend )
Dear Kay and family.I wanted to light a candle and send a message first but then I wanted to take the time to go through Josh's web site and I gotta tell you I was blown away.Everything I want on Nicky's upcoming site.Scripture prayer to help us through this a celebration of his life and his new life.I read a poem that someone sent me that you have on Josh's site that helped me through the first couple of months.Josh's stone and resting place are beautiful.The scenery takes your breath away.Can you imagine if that takes my breath away what heaven will do to me when I too meet my maker?You can tell by the killers picture he has no soul in his eyes and I wish you had some closure with this.Please keep me informed.Your granddaughter is so beautiful and Josh's nephew has some talent his poem touched my heart and now I'm crying.Praying for you and your family.My son Nicky was shot with a Bible in his hand.When I get down and out that is the one thing that I have to smile about.Thanks again for his web site I'm sure glad I went on.God Bless and hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM Close
Thanking you  / Barb/Nicky's MOM (Moms Friend )  Read >>
Thanking you  / Barb/Nicky's MOM (Moms Friend )
Dear Kay and Family Thank you for taking the time to sign Nicky's guest book.It meant more to me than you know.I am sorry for your loss,Josh is a handsome young man who I'm sure is missed terribly.May God be with you during this horrific journey we all are on.My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family this holiday season.God Bless and many hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM Close
Brother of Mine...  / Gabrielle DeLaney (Sister)  Read >>
Brother of Mine...  / Gabrielle DeLaney (Sister)
Wow, a lot of shit has been going on and it still hurts like fucking yesterday! I wish I could be half the person you were so I can take care of our family. Its so hard without you. I struggle daily. I fight tears and anger as I fight with my priorities trying my hardest not to jump stupid on these "niggas"... Josh, I dug my hole and it just seems to keep getting deeper... I understand now why you felt the way you did towards dad cuz I feel the pain daily... He doesnt call, he dont write, he wont even help when I call and ask... Im trying my hardest to keep my head afloat and on the right track but its really hard.  I start college at the end of September getting my Associates' and eventually my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I dont know exactly what I want to major in but Im sure this is the field I want to be in. Josh... Please watch over Matt, he is bull-headed and I see the hate in these "niggas" eyes when they look at him... I swear I cant bear another loss... Watchover your daughter, your MiMi and your mom too... They really need it. Im dealing with my demons but I just wish you were here to help guide me thru... I love you  so much and you are greatly missed every day I lay to rest my head and every morning I wake to hear those damn birds chirping! I love you bro take care... Close
losin it  / Matt D. (bro)  Read >>
losin it  / Matt D. (bro)
man josh i miss u so much it hurts words cant explain the pain i feel i cant take ne more i'm losin tha fight i wish i was with u rite now not a care not a worry these feelings they flurry up inside like a knock out punch and i'm down bro i'm down i don't see a way up without u here i feel so threatened when people look at me crazy i think i need a gun so many people r dyin out here people trippin over foolishness i'll b damned i lose sumbody else i don't kno what 2 do ne more i losin it i'm ready 2 hurt ne body that ever did me wrong said sumthin side ways ready 2 give it all in one last stand and and i think that time is comin soon i jus want u and god 2 look over me mom can't save me no more from what's out here i'm on my own like u and i c why u never trusted no body these fakes r so quick 2 stab u soon as u look another direction i havn't been on my ps and qs but i'm not gon let nutrhin happen 2 mom gabby or ray kno that and feel me when i say it on my life josh i jus wish all those cowards the worst i hope every wrong thing they've done hits them all at once i'm so tired of going 2 sleep and being dissapointed that i woke up this shit is killin me i'm going 2 pray tonite that when its my time 2 go that its u i see 2 come get me i'm tired of being scared and having 2 wait 4 this i love u josh and mom and brie tell god  i need his help i'm losin it and he is the only one who can help me Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Felicia Taylor (Cousin)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Felicia Taylor (Cousin)

Hey cousin today is ur 26th bday and I thought I would be ok, but I feel so sad that I cant be home with everybody and because it wasnt pose to be like this. Its funny how wer never think that bad things happen and in an instance things change. Since you have been gone so many other brothas have lost in this fight that we have with ourselves. I miss you greatly and wish that I could see you again. Anyway I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday


Love you always

Licia Lu

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