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Just felt compelled to write  / Dawn Cutino   Read >>
Just felt compelled to write  / Dawn Cutino
I read the memorial today and was "lead" to open this website.  What a beautiful young man, obviously raised in love.

I lost my sister (a victim of homocide) the week before 9-11.....and like you- I live in a world questioning our legal system.  Her case remain unresolved, and closed even tho they know who did it.

It makes no sense to us now, but somehow knowing we will meet our loved ones again someday makes it somewhat bearable.  It is only while on earth there is a hole in our hearts to contend with.

Thank you for sharing your son with me, I'm sorry I didn't know him-God bless you and his siblings. Close
Good afternoon  / Justin Delaney (Brother)  Read >>
Good afternoon  / Justin Delaney (Brother)
Whats up bra I was just thinkin about you wanted to come and say whats up you were in my dreams last night and it touched me alot so is that your way in talking to me? How do I know? Well love you talk to you soon. Close
Am I late?  / Justin Delaney (Bro)  Read >>
Am I late?  / Justin Delaney (Bro)
I know it's been a while since you have been gone out of our life I'm sorry for not knowing about this site I found out from dad today so please forgive me for the lost time I could have been writing you. I LOVE YOU JOSH , BRO , IDLE ECT..... Pray for the family and show yourself ever now and then rather it be in a dream spiritualy or howwever I'm positive everyone would enjoy. Hey bro god bless you talk to you soon bye:( Close
What up bro?  / Justin Delaney (Bro)  Read >>
What up bro?  / Justin Delaney (Bro)
You know it was really hard for me to accept the fact that you were out of our lives not that it has been accepted you know the times that we shared were times to not be forgotten. I could only imagine every time you came down with matt and gabby and spending majority of the time on a nintendo game you know I really didn't like you beating me all the time lol. But the memories could flow on only for exchange of your presence. I wish I still had the very first letter you sent over to dad stating that you couldn't wait to meet me, it was even more to me to know I had brothers and a sister. Well what goes around comes around they will get theres bro. I remember the time I went to your football game and made big posters and rooted you on. I followed in your dreams of becoming a college star and the dream continued. God bless my niece my sis and bro and U love you all. As for the angel hope that she will know and love the person her father was and what an effort he put up for his future family. I'm doing good josh luv ya bra. Close
This is so sad 5/31/07  / Momma   Read >>
This is so sad 5/31/07  / Momma
Well here we are approacing two years since we have seen your handsome face in person. I cry most days in the privacy of my room and when Iget alone time. Gabirelle is finding it very tough to deal with and I don't think I can help her any longer. She is disrespectful and the words that come out of her mouth are unbelievable. I am so crushed that words cannot even express what I am feeling right now. I am torn between the living and the dead. I want to give up, but my mind and body won't let me do that now. I know I have a higher purpose and will try to fulfill all my goals before I leave here. 
I truly believe there are other things on her lil mnd, but she wont bring them out in a positive light. I am at my wits end Josh. So maybe you can communicate to her where I am coming from. Matt is lost too. This month just sucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,big time. I miss you so and hope and pray that God will grant this entire family some  peace and serenity Close
When does it ever stop  / Momm   Read >>
When does it ever stop  / Momm
Josh, you know your angel anniversary is approaching and with it a fresh set of grief as it marks another year without you with us. Your sister is beside herself and unconsollable tonite. I can't say the pain will get any better as it only seems to deepen and get worse. IF you can please come to her in her dreams and let her know your spirit is alright and she must keep on. Let Matt know that he can excel in whatever he chooses and let your daugter know you love her so. I am running out of words to say as their pain is my pain. We all miss you so much it hurts like someone has ripped the hearts right out of our chests. Especially when we see people who may have been involved. When will we get justice for Josh??? It was not fair at all you did nothing to make them hate you so, only speak your mind. That is no reason to kill someone. You loved your baby girl so and knew how much she needed you and they could not stand it. A young man who was willing to take what was his and care of it on his own and do it HIS way. Now that's just not right in the real world I guessl  Son I love you and know you loved me . I will do my best to keep this family strong with your help.I miss you so, it just ain't right. Nothing can make this right for any of us..........................EVER! Close
May 12,2007  / Momma   Read >>
May 12,2007  / Momma

Dear son,
tonite is a nite I missed u alot. Drama over a birthday took place. Since the ignant people did not know I sent over two gifts for the two kids who were celebrating their birthdays.  My granddaughter being one. You know how they are, but I almost lost it. I didn't go but your brother, sister and Jen went. I think I got Shirley straight and can only hope she understands where I am coming from. I told her I regret the day you met her daugther and always will. You will never be forgotten and when I see those people the hair on my neck curls up and I comtemplate just takin them out in one fell swoop. I am better than that for now, but if they mess with another of my kids I am gonna go postal all over Colorado Springs. The lies and deceit is what hurts the most, but I have survived this long. Say a special prayer for John and know your baby is well taken care of in spite of her ignant family(I know it's ignorant) but u get my drift. Son I miss u daily and pray u are in a peacefull place and not bothered by all this earthly bs. Fly high my son and come to me when u can. Lov  u mom

Happy Easter  / Jeri ~Laquan's Mom~   Read >>
Happy Easter  / Jeri ~Laquan's Mom~


And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; 
but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. 
(Romans 8:10)

...I am the resurrection, and the life:
 he that believeth in me, 
though he were dead, yet shall he live:
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me
shall never die.
Believest thou this?
(John 11:25-26)

Happy Easter
~ Jeri ~

Easter is coming, Easter is coming....  / Sue~ Mom To Ashley Trapp   Read >>
Easter is coming, Easter is coming....  / Sue~ Mom To Ashley Trapp


Easter Morn

Easter morn with lilies fair

Fills the church with perfumes rare,

As their clouds of incense rise,

Sweetest offerings to the skies.

Stately lilies pure and white

Flooding darkness with their light,

Bloom and sorrow drifts away,

On this holy hallow'd day.

Easter Lilies bending low

in the golden afterglow,

Bear a message from the sod

To the heavenly towers of God

By Louise Lewin Matthews

God Bless You Kay,
Sue, Ashley’s Mom

The road is getting longer and tougher  / Momma   Read >>
The road is getting longer and tougher  / Momma

Joshu I think of u daily. when riding down the street, I know these are roads you traveled. I see a young man around your build with dark skin and I am starring hoping this has all been a dream and I will awake and find  you still here. I hear a song and it reminds me of you. I'm tryin to put the fun back in my life, but I can't find it anywhere. I criy for days on end and then wipe the tears away and pretend like everything is NORMAL. What ths hell is NORMAL anymore. The bible says do not seek palm readers and fortune tellers as the Dead know nothing. They are sleeping. That would make would make so much sense to me as I can't see  you being happy with all this surrounding your death. It would bring you down for sure. So I have to believe you are asleep, with no thoughts or dreams of any life, waiting for our Lord and Saviour to awaken. I will surely know you, but I don't know if you will know me anymore. It bothers me as I hear people speak of the dead already being with our Lord and but the bible says otherwise. I want to believe you are happy and safe, but then I think of that verse and it tears me up. I know there is no way on this earth you would not have found a way to communicate with me, then I find pennies everywhere and wonder are they pennies from heaven? Is that you way of letting me know you are okay? I am at a loss right now and will pray some more for guidance from Jesus who truly understands.  God help us all, I don't likethis life anymore.
Excuse my typos, I am crying again. I love  you so my oldest c hild angel. If you can help me to understand better.
love u 

Missig U  / Momm   Read >>
Missig U  / Momm
Hi son,
here it is the 3rd of March and we are approaching 2 years since your angel anniversary. I still miss u so much and can see your smiling face before you left my house that fateful night. You had on your jean shorts and a blue and white checkered shirt with a matching cap turned sideways. I still see you standing in the kitchen doorway modeling for mel. There are so many things that bring you to mind for me. Sometimes I look at your brother and though I never thought you looked alike before, sometimes I see your face smiling through his. I see  you in your sister, and then I see you in your daughter. She is so bright just like you were. Yesterday we went to dinner at a steak restaurant and she spelled the word 'yellow' for me and the people sitting besides us asked how old she was. I told them 5 and they couldn't believe it. So many memories of how you used to amaze people with how smart you were. Just sending some love your way son.
Mom Close
For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )  Read >>
For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )
For Happy moments, praise God.
For Difficult moments, seek God.
For Quiet moments, worship God.
For Painful moments, trust God.
For Every moment shared with Joshua, thank God. Close
Thought of You Today  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )  Read >>
Thought of You Today  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )
We thought of you with love today,
but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence, we often speak your name. Now all we have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we'll never part. God has you in his keepsake, we have you in our hearts.
Author Unknown      
http://rory-adams.memory.of-com Close
JOSHUA AND FAMILY  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )  Read >>
JOSHUA AND FAMILY  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )

I feel your pain  / Linda Aceves (Mom to Jeremie Quiming )  Read >>
I feel your pain  / Linda Aceves (Mom to Jeremie Quiming )

I feel your pain first hand.  Thankyou for lighting a candle on my son's website.  It means so much to me.  I am having such a difficult time with all this. My faith and wonderful people like you is what keeps me going.  I am so sorry for you loss.  What a beautiful boy your son was.  
If you ever want to talk my email is
My heart is with you.

Hugs and much love
Linda (JB Quiming's mom)

I know your pain  / Dottie Angel Mom To Matthew Hagan (visitor)  Read >>
I know your pain  / Dottie Angel Mom To Matthew Hagan (visitor)
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of a child is so traumatic, no one else could ever understand unless they went through it also. My son was murdered also. He was only 17. His life cut short. No longer to be seen. I miss him terribly as only you could know. A mother never stops loving, even when they are gone. My son was shot through the head by his "best friend" on April 04, 2003. He was only 1 month and 20 days away from being 18. He was going to join the Marines. He had all kinds of plans for his life. Now they will never be seen. I know your son must have been a very wonderful person. I wish I could have met him. I believe I would have been blessed if I could have. Why is it always the good ones that are taken so soon in life?
When a husband dies, the wife is called a widow,
When the wife dies, the husband is called a widower,
When the parents die, the children are called orphans,
But when the child dies, there is no name for the parents.
That is because there is no name for such grief. We have to endure though. And together we will. I pray that your holidays are gentle on you. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Just a couple of graphics I thought you might like.

Feel free to use anything off of my sons page that you like. The address is
I know you understnad the pain. I wish you didn't.
Love to you
Mattsmomma ^i^
Missing you  / Felicia Taylor (Cousins)  Read >>
Missing you  / Felicia Taylor (Cousins)
Hey cousin I was jus over at aunties house and I was thinking of you, so I thought I would write you a little something. I miss you so much sometimes that I cant even stand it. Its funny how rae rae looks more and more like you every day and it makes me smile because I can see you coming through her and it seems  that it makes it a little easier. But I do wish that could see you one last time just to tell you how much I love you and wish that I could give you a hug. But I love you and hope to see you soon. 

Love you Felicia Close
Joshua to you and yours during this holiday season  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )  Read >>
Joshua to you and yours during this holiday season  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )

A Christmas Carol 12/2/2006  / Momma   Read >>
A Christmas Carol 12/2/2006  / Momma
Hi baby boy,
your daughter was in her very first play tonight and I know you were watching as she let her little light shine. She followed directions beautifully and when she put her makeup and costume on there was no brighter light.  Overall the whole production was good. I think she will take to liking this so much we won't be able to stop her.  For some reason she really likes the Sugar Plum dancer, I think it is the costume. We should have pictures soon to post on your website.  She has always been a star to us, just as you were, now others can see it too. We miss you so son, but you continue to shine through her every day. 
She is starting to sound out words and spell just like you did too.  Only you were 4. 
She has two shows tomorrow so Goodnight son and I love you!
Momma Close
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