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We are not alone  / Denita Irvin (Jayvon Hammonds mom )  Read >>
We are not alone  / Denita Irvin (Jayvon Hammonds mom )
Thank you so much for that thoughtful picture it was right on time. God bless you even in your own grief you can reach out to me.I know you haven't reach year yet and I'm getting very close, but I have to tell you the pain feel as though it was yesterday.I saw all the beautiful expression for your son through the pictures. This website is helping me so much especially when I see other parents reaching out. so again may God trurly bless you and your family.We wil keep each other in prayer 

                                            Denita  Close
Justice / Ellonia Bickers (Brandon Dunson's Mom )  Read >>
Justice / Ellonia Bickers (Brandon Dunson's Mom )
Dear Kay,
Thank You for your tribute. Josh was a very handsome youngman. I am glad you have a Grandchild to see him live in. Brandon was fifteen with no children but he left his mark on his youngest brother so much. When he does something or says something like Brandon would have it brings a warm feeling over me. I hope you get the same feeling. May Josh come to you in your dreams to ease your pain. God will never leave us.

As in your case, the gun in Brandon's case was never found and the man pleaded not guilty. The jury did not believe any of his bull. He was found GUILTY on all charges. I pray you have the same JUSTICE. Josh deserves it. We were blessed that the guy in our case asked for a speedy trial. I won't tell you it will be easy during the trial because that would be a lie. It is even harder than you could imagine. You will get a more vivid picture of what happen to your son and it will cut like a knife. I say this to help prepare you, I wish I was better prepared to hear and see the whole story. Please contact me if you have any questions or just to vent. May God walk with you and your family hand in hand on your journey.

God Bless,
Ellonia Bickers
Mother of Brandon C. Dunson Taylor Close
Still missing U  / Momma   Read >>
Still missing U  / Momma

Josh I know it must be lovely where you are now. No more pressures, no more pain, no more 'baby momma drama' I know we will see you soon. You have your wings now son, fly high and never look back. Come to me when you can!

Life Stretches Into Eternity  / Linda Ward (  Read >>
Life Stretches Into Eternity  / Linda Ward (

There are some things that no words have ever been invented to fit...and there is so little that can be said to soften the sorrow or lessen the stabbing pain that fills our hearts today, for the loss is so keen and so new, and so deep that days are made up of nothing but "lost-loneliness" and "heart-hurt" at present, but in the months ahead, I pray you will gain strength that will enable you to realize that life stretches into eternity and it never ends, and you loved one is not dead, he has only gone back home to God.  

So Sorry  / Joyce Yack Matthews Mom (another grieving mom )  Read >>
So Sorry  / Joyce Yack Matthews Mom (another grieving mom )
I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I know how painful this journey is. It is life long with no short cut. But you can find comfort with those of us who are also in your shoes.Keep your faith it really does help. Grandchildren they are the best I have a couple from another child of mine. I will keep you in my prayers Kay for you to recieve so much needed comfort and peace in your heart but also that who ever killed your son will be caught and punished. God Bless and take care of yourself, its important. Joyce ( Matthews Mom)
my sons site is
I am terribly sorry about the murder of Joshua.  / Ty's Mom   Read >>
I am terribly sorry about the murder of Joshua.  / Ty's Mom
I read your post on the forum and wanted to let you know that I am so sorry.  Life isn't fair.  Now you are stuck in court battles and painful memories.  I know you have a lot of joy too.  Thank God for our joy! 
I know how sweet a grand child can be in times like these. 
I am thinking of you and praying for you Kay - and your family.  I pray that God will turn something good out of this tragedy.  Continue to trust in Him - He is the Way.  I pray that nothing but the truth will come out in court.  He is the Truth and that truth will give you peace, eventually. 
angel / Gina/Wesleys Mum   Read >>
angel / Gina/Wesleys Mum


What a tragic story, I read your post on the forum, Kay, and hope that you don't mind that I have stopped by to say "Hi" to both you and Josh.
I have been having a little look around Joshuas site and reading a few of the tributes and I must say, I think the poem you wrote in 2001 is a good tribute to him.
I am thinking about you both and will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending you all of my love
(Wesleys mum)

p.s. Joshuas smile is amazing   

Seven months  / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
Seven months  / Kay Crawford (Mother)
Dear Josh,
it is seven months today and the pain seems all too unbearable as with each day passing I realize you are not coming home to us.  No parent should ever have to endure this. I know God had a plan for you before you were born. You were so remarkable at such a young age, and Tahjarae is following in your footsteps. I sometimes see you peeking at me from behind her dark eyes. I miss you so much and so do Matthew and Gabrielle. We are going through the motions and will continue to do so to keep your higher glory. We miss you soo much son. Watch over us all and give us some of your strength!
Mom Close
Arraignment 1/9/06  / Kay Crawford (Mother)  Read >>
Arraignment 1/9/06  / Kay Crawford (Mother)
Well the battle begins, Carlos Ford-Vigil plead not guilty today. I am prepared mentally and physically for this fight for your justice. I don't care what it takes I only hope and pray the REAL truth comes out in the end and ALL parties involved will be brought to justice. 'People'  are walking around smiling and thinking everything is all over. It will NEVER be over for me, Matt, Brie or Tahjarae.  We miss you everyday and the scumsuckers are still feeding off the bottom. I cannot let you have been murdered and I pretend it never happened. I pray GOD let me be the winged avenger in your death. God have mercy on their evil souls! Let us see what May will bring!
Momma Close
My Deepest and Heartfelt Condolences  / Kamica White (Visitor)  Read >>
My Deepest and Heartfelt Condolences  / Kamica White (Visitor)
Thank you so much for visiting the website of my deceased sister, Kela. In reference to your question as to whether or not the pain ever goes away... In my opinion, the pain never really goes away, but you learn to cope with your loved one's death. My mom, too, lost her oldest child when my sister passed. On January 29, 2006, it will be 10 years since my sister passed, and to be honest, it hurts just like it happened yesterday. I was 10 years old when she died, but I, along with my mom, brother and sister, have many fond memories of her and still laugh about the things she did when she was here. My deepest condolences to you, your children, Joshua's little girl and everyone who was blessed to have known Joshua. May God bless you all.  Close
Great men stand for what they believe!  / Donniece Yapp (vistor of site )  Read >>
Great men stand for what they believe!  / Donniece Yapp (vistor of site )
Joshua sounds amazing. Great men stand for what they believe. Joshua was envied for that reason. Be assured his memory will live on forever. Feel proud that Joshua was a strong man. I of course share your pain as I've lost my daughter of 7 years. I know it is not easy, but I'm sure that he has left a mark on this world although it wasn't how you would expect it to be. I hope you find a way to carry on in strength. Maya's mom Close
handsome young lad  / Sindi Mhlanga (none)  Read >>
handsome young lad  / Sindi Mhlanga (none)

Thank you for visiting Dumo's site.  I am a grieving mum and know just how you feel about your son.  I keep thinking God who gave us these children knows why he let this happen to us.  I am sure your son is with the Angels, away from the pain of this world.  I hope you find peace in prayer and knowing that the Lord knows best.

God bless

Dumo's mum

We will make it with God's help.  / Barbara White(Anthony's Mom) (Mother)  Read >>
We will make it with God's help.  / Barbara White(Anthony's Mom) (Mother)

I'am truely sorry for your lost.  Joshua was an angel also just taken away at the prime of his life.  God is with us all the time and we wonder why our children and he will show us in time.  I have been thru some bad times since the lost of my Son.  I didn't know if I would make it to the next day, because I miss Anthony so much I ask God to show me everyday how to be strong and live for him.  I want to see my Son again.  Kaye we will see them again I know this God will let this happen.  Joshua is with the angels and God.  I hope he has met my Anthony I know they will like each other.  I will be praying for you everyday for your strength to move on each day.  You have a friend if you ever need one.

Take Care,
Anthony's Mom

And God Said.....  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie   Read >>
And God Said.....  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie
I said, God I hurt
And God said, I know

I said, I cry alot
And God said, That's why I gave you tears

I said, Life is so hard
And God said, That's why I gave you loved ones

I said, But my loved one died!!
And God said, So did mine!!

I said, It's such a great loss!!
And God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross!!

I said, But your loved one lives!!
And God said, So does yours!!

I said, Where is he now??
And God said, My Son is by my side and
Your Son is in my arms!!
Poem written in 2001 for Joshua  / Momma (Mother)  Read >>
Poem written in 2001 for Joshua  / Momma (Mother)

My Heart is breakin

And I know why

This child I gave birth to

is makin me cry


I brought him here

I`ll take him out

All you mothers know

what I`m talkin bout


It`s unrealistic

This I know is true

But what is mamma

supposed to do?


He`s a man now

or so he thinks

Just Us got him

before he could blink


I raised him alone

the best I could

I did what I thought best

I hope he understood


Baby mamma drama

on the way

He doesn`t see it

He doesn`t hear what I say


I had to let go

This manchild of mine

I love him too much

It`s almost a crime


I`m feelin low now

not quite up to par

I put it in God`s hands

There`s always tomorrow!


Poem by KC


Preliminary Hearing Over  / Momma (Mother)  Read >>
Preliminary Hearing Over  / Momma (Mother)
Thank goodness the judge saw through all the bull and decided to move forward with first degree murder charges against Carlos Ford-Vigil. Next comes the arraignment. I wonder if he will give up the Pepper and the Duck??? I can only hope and pray that justice will be served for all involved. Nevertheless the shooter will not be going home for quite some time. One small victory in this big battle. Close
Almost 6 months since we saw you  / Kay (Momm)  Read >>
Almost 6 months since we saw you  / Kay (Momm)
Hi baby boy,
my sweet sweet son who loved life so much and looked forward to everyday with his daughter. I imagine you must have said some powerful things to her before you passed as she is MY rock nowadays. She gets us all up and keeps us going. What a wonder, I wonder what age 5 will bring? She is so much like you in so many way. I look at her chocolate hands and I see yours when you were that age. The smile that lights up her face is your smile. Sometimes I think I see you peekin at me with those dark eyes. After convincing me to put up the tree, she said "Gramma this will be the BEST Christmas EVER!" I know you will be here with us in spirit and pray nitely that you are in the arms of Jesus. This is so hard, but Jesus holds me up when I falter. Your sis and bro are missing you alot too,Matt went to your gravesite the other day and was angry that they cleaned all items off all of the graves. Well now we know when they post signs they are going to clean to remove any items we want to keep and bring them back when they finish cleaning. Work is getting tougher, by the day as I only have focused thoughts of you and how we will continue on. I have many Angel MOMS on various sites and they are all suffering just like me. I guess that is our connection to each other. As one mom put it"This is an elite club that noone really wants membership in"
So true Josh. I miss your kisses and hugs and just talking to you daily. My hate grows stronger with each passing day and I continue to pray about it. What demon had the right to take you away from us, because only a demon could he be. Who instructed the demon to find you? Who assisted the demon in lulling you into a sense of false security? God help me to live on and do better! I hold my head up high when they see me so they know they have not broken me down. Luckily they can't see my heart.
love you Joshua
Mom Close
Meaning of names  / Momma (Mother)  Read >>
Meaning of names  / Momma (Mother)

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, Biblical
Pronounced: JAH-shu-wa, JAW-shwa  
From the Hebrew name Yehoshua which meant "YAHWEH is salvation". Joshua was one of the twelve spies sent into Canaan by Moses in the Old Testament. After Moses died Joshua succeeded him as leader of the Israelites. The name Jesus was a variant of the name Joshua.

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, Biblical 
English form of Ματθαιος (Matthaios), which was a Greek form of the Hebrew name Mattithyahu which meant "gift of YAHWEH". Saint Matthew, also called Levi, was one of the twelve apostles (a tax collector). He was supposedly the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament.

GABRIELLE-Feminine of-
Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Biblical 
From the Hebrew name Gabriyel which meant "strong man of God". Gabriel is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition. He appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, where he serves as the announcer of the births of John to Zechariah and Jesus to Mary. According to Islamic tradition he was the angel who dictated the Koran to Muhammad

Preliminary Hearing Today  / Momma (Mother)  Read >>
Preliminary Hearing Today  / Momma (Mother)
Well my sweet Josh,
the preliminary hearing was today. Aunty Roz came all the way from Atlanta to be there for us. Denise P. was there tooThe defense is throwing all sorts of witnesses and testimony regarding circumstantial evidence against Carlos Ford-Vigil.  He is a demon looking son of a *****. A little man in every way. I know you are looking down with much interest to see what happens. I wish they could find the gun and really tie up all loose ends. I am sort of numb after spending the whole day in court. It is continued until the 20th, so  I will just watch, wait, pray and see what comes out. I know what I have found out so far and nothing has come out to change that. We know he did not act alone as he is too small in stature as well as mind to confront you directly.  Hold on baby , let's see what comes out in court. I was not planning on putting up a tree but your daughter insists on it so I went and bought a new one since the other got ruined in the water. Tahjarae and Rahim helped put it together and they were oh so happy. I hate to be in this place where we are, but just know I miss you and love you dearly.
love you
momma Close
One Angel Mom to Another  / Verna Clay (Friend of Mom )  Read >>
One Angel Mom to Another  / Verna Clay (Friend of Mom )
Hello, Angel Mom, Kay,
I visited your son's site; last week, and thoroughly felt the love and warmth that radiated here. It is easy to tell that yours is a close nit family filled with lots of love. It is also easy to tell that your Joshua's love for his Grandma's hot rolls, and his love of family was very heartwarming and sincere. :) And your story about the rolls refusing to rise ... [Ha ha], I know that was Joshua making sure Y' all know that he is very much alive; Still the head man in charge of his Grandma's rolls, ... And best of all, ... A sure sign [His way of letting his entire family know in a humorous way]that it is well with his soul!!! To God be the glory! :)

Also, Kay, I started a rambler to you that night, but was unable to post because of CP woes. I tried saving it before being cut off, to post here later. I still don't know if I succeeded. :(
 I know your beloved son, Joshua, is so very, very proud of his mom, and entire family for fighting the good fight. There is so much work that needs to be done to end this madness that keeps taking our children from us. It's a long and hard road to travel, and their will be many, many times we will have to steal way to Jesus; but together, and with lots of prayers/support/understanding and compassion, we will press on, turning tragedy into triumph as a love tribute to our beloved guardian angels.
Much love & Joshua's (((BIG))) Hugs from heaven, :)

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